Generate clean electricity from ocean waves

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WaterStrider is an ocean wave energy generation device whose generator is sealed from the elements. Ocean wave motion raises and lowers several arms around each device. Magnets at the top of each arm will transfer this motion to sliders on the inside of the device. These sliders then pull on one-way cable tension mechanisms, which, in turn, spin a generator, which generates electricity.

WaterStrider attaches to the ocean floor via cables and cable tension mechanisms. The mechanisms can keep WaterStrider at the optimal height during tides and as sea levels rise. WaterStrider could also be pulled down beneath the waves in order to protect it from being thrown around during violent storms. Designed to not be an eyesore, WaterStrider could be located close to the shore, with minimal visual impact relative to most other energy generation devices.

The available energy in ocean waves is tremendous.
According to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA.gov), the theoretical annual energy potential of ocean waves off the coast of the United States is about 2.64 trillion kilowatthours, or roughly 64% of all US utility-scale energy generation. Due to this, ocean wave energy could produce much, if not all, of our country's energy, especially with conservation.

In 2019, WaterStrider was issued US Patent number US10280894B1.